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    New applications for valuable resources

    Marine nutrients are incorporated in numerous food products for humans and as a raw material in feed for pets, fish-farming and animal husbandry. Fish oil and fish meal are traditional products, however, applying new technology provides new opportunities and Kverva therefore invests considerable resources in realizing the full value potential of marine nutrients.

    Since 2001, Kverva has been involved in processing of pelagic fish, targeting human consumption, fish meal and fish oil. In 2007, Kverva invested in processing of by-product of salmon through Nutrimar, with production adjacent to SalMar's processing plant at Frøya, InnovaMar. Nutrimar also invests in by-product chicken processing, a business where sales channels and clients are virtually complementary to marine activity.

    By investing in innovation and product development in close proximity to the raw material and processing sites, Kverva will expand its raw material base and product portfolio. Consequently, Kverva will identify new applications for marine proteins and nutrients. This area represents an attractive growth potential as there are considerable opportunities in the nutritional and potential pharmacological properties of marine nutrients.

    New applications
    Identification of new applications for marine proteins and nutrients. There is an attractive growth potential in the nutritional and pharmacological properties of the marine nutrients.


    Pelagia AS is a leading producer of consumer products from pelagic fish, fish meal and fish oil in the North Atlantic area. Pelagia was established in 2014 through the merger of Egersund Fisk, Welcon and Norway Pelagic. The company operates a total of 26 processing sites in the North Atlantic region; sixteen in Norway, four in the United Kingdom, one in Ireland, one in Denmark and three partly owned associated plants in the region. In addition, Pelagia owns Norsildmel which is engaged in marine feed ingredients, trading and logistics activities and Epax AS, one of the leading companies within the Omega-3 industry. For more information visit https://pelagia.com/

    Share of ownership: 36.7%* (Kverva owns 73.4% of Kvefi which in turn owns 50% of Pelagia)


    Nutrimar produces fresh salmon oil, salmon meal and hydrolysed protein concentrate. The protein concentrate is offered as a spray-dried product and in liquid form. The production is based on using by-products from SalMar’s processing plant at Frøya as well as a few other selected suppliers. The products are sold as vital ingredients to the US and European pet food markets, European fish feed and worldwide agricultural feed markets.

    Nutrimar has also expanded the business into new areas – processing of by-products from poultry and harvesting and processing of seaweed. By-products from poultry will be processed on a fresh basis into hydrolysed oil and several protein-products. The finished products will typically be essential ingredients in pet food. Concerning seaweed, new harvest-vessels and a completely new and innovative production-line will put Nutrimar in a position to harvest and process seaweed in a different and sustainable way. The finished products will be introduced in the alginate-markets worldwide.

    Share of ownership: 100%