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    New opportunities and increased sustainability in aquaculture and marine nutrients

    New technology is rapidly changing industries and how businesses operate. In recent years, technological innovations have made it possible for salmon breeders to increase production volumes to higher levels while simultaneously improving fish health and animal husbandry.

    We have witnessed a substantial development. Salmon farming has evolved from being an immature, small sector to becoming a significant industry in several countries. Supported by continuous innovation, salmon farming has become an important source of value creation for consumers, employees, suppliers and producers.

    Global production of salmon has stagnated the last few years. Continued innovation and development - driven by biological knowledge, digitalisation, artificial intelligence and machine learning technology - is crucial for increased productivity and sustainable growth in production.

    Kverva participates in the development of technology companies in salmon farming and has a clear ambition to increase its technology investments in aquaculture and marine nutrients.

    New opportunities
    Continuous innovation is important for value creation. Biological knowledge, digitization, artificial intelligence and machine learning - are crucial for increased productivity and sustainable growth in production.


    Aqualine AS is a global supplier of products and services to the aquaculture industry. The main products are floating cages, nets and mooring systems. These have been developed and quality assured through in-house engineering in close collaboration with fish farmers, R&D institutions and subcontractors worldwide. The escape-proof technique Aqualine Midgard® System is an excellent example.

    Aqualine AS is lead from Trondheim with its own facilities for assembly, warehousing and servicing in the Southern, Central and Northern regions of Norway. Internationally, the company is predominantly active in the most important areas of salmon production. The equipment is also used to breed other species of fish than salmon. For more information visit https://aqualine.no/

    Share of ownership: 90.1%


    PatoGen is a leading provider of analytical services and expertise to the aquaculture industry regarding the prevention of infection and disease in land and sea-based fish farms. When researching this information, PatoGen uses various biotechnology platforms, algorithm-based biological models and vast practical aquaculture experience. The company is headquartered in Ålesund, with branches in Bodø, Oslo, Oban (Scotland) and Puerto Varas (Chile). PatoGen has in excess of 50 employees. For more information visit www.patogen.no

    Share of ownership: 70% (Kverva owns 70% of Patogen Holding AS which in turn owns 100% of Patogen AS)


    Steinsvik is a global supplier of technology and equipment to the aquaculture market. The driving force of the company is the desire to assist with innovation and solutions to an industry in development, thus shaping the aquaculture of tomorrow . Steinsvik provides a wide range of products including fodder, monitoring, water treatment, software, and parasite control. The company has 700 employees established in ten countries, and numerous offices along the coast of Norway. The head office is located in Frakkagjerd in the county of Rogaland. For more information visit https://www.steinsvik.no/no

    Share of ownership: 90.1%