About us

Kverva is an investment company focusing on the marine sector. A fundamental understanding of the sector along with a strong belief in long term demand for seafood has enabled the company to successfully build value in this industry.

Our history
Kverva`s history can be traced back to 1991 being established as a holding company for the ownership of Salmar ASA.

Through its strategic stake in Salmar, who is considered to be one of the most profitable salmon producers in the world, Kverva has proved to be a long term contributor in developing shareholder value in the aquaculture industry.

In 2006, after 15 years of fruitful ownership a stake in the company was sold off to financial investors. The proceeds from that transaction have enabled Kverva to establish itself as an active industrial investment company.  Since 2007 Kverva has continually been building on it`s already significant knowledge of the marine sector. Capitalising on its substantial network has seen the company successfully build up a portfolio of investments. With its sound capital base Kverva is well prepared for future investments in value creating proposals in this sector.