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Pelagia AS is a leading producer of frozen pelagic products, fish meal and fish oil in the North Atlantic area. Pelagia was established in 2014 through a merger of Egersund Fisk, Welcon and Norway Pelagic. The company operates a total of 26 factories in the North Atlantic region; 19 in Norway, 2 in United Kingdom, 1 in Ireland, 1 in Denmark, and 3 associated factories in the region. In addition Pelagia owns 50% of Nordsilmel which is a significant player within trading and logistics of marine feed ingredients.

Share of ownership: 36.7%* (Kverva owns 73.4% of Kvefi which in turn owns 50% of Pelagia)

"Insula" is the holding company Kverva employs for investing in seafood consumption. Insula owns Lofotprodukt AS (100%), which produces and sells seafood, mainly minced fish products and smoked salmon and trout, under the "Lofoten" brand. The company`s headquarters and factory, are situated i Leknes, Lofoten in the north of Norway. Lofotprodukt AS in turn, owns 49% of Lofoten Aqua AS, a company possessing one licence for farming salmon and trout.

In Sweden, Insula has aquired ownership of Marenor AB (100%) a company whose factory and head office are situated  in Kungshamn, with a further factory in Lysekil, just north of Gothenburg. Marenor manufactures and sells fish and seafood, primarily to the Nordic consumer market. The main focus of attention being the producton of its own private brands. Furthermore, Insula maintains shareholdings in other companies in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, all associated with the production and sale of seafood, these are Keco AS (90.1%) and Maxmat AS (100%), Conchilia AS (45%), Västkustfilé AB (100%), Sjøfrisk AS (100%), Berggren AS (90.1%), Tobø Fisk AS (90.1%), Frøyas AS (66%), First Seafood AS (50%), Lobster Seafood AB (100%) and Amanda Seafood A/S (68%).

Share of ownership: 91.8%

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NutriMar produces salmon oil, salmon meal and hydrolysed protein concentrate of bi-products from SalMar’s processing plant at Frøya in Mid-Norway. The products are sold to European producers of fish feed, pet food and agricultural feed.

Share of ownership: 100%


Steinsvik is a leading and innovative technology and service provider to the aquaculture industry, with primary focus on feeding technology and monitoring/remote control. Steinsvik has also activities in ship bridge solutions and equipment deliveries to the oil and gas industry. In 2014 Steinsvik acquired Ocea Gruppen, a company with similar activities as Steinsvik in the aquaculture industry. Steinsvik`s head office is located in Haugesund, Norway.

Steinsvik owns 59.7% of the shares in AquaOptima AS, a supplier of RAS (recirculation aquaculture systems). Since 1993, the company has designed and supplied hatcheries and grow-out land-based farms world-wide for a variety of cold and warm water species.

Share of ownership: 100%



Patogen Holding AS owns Patogen AS, a biotechnology company that develops and sells gene technology analysis to the aquaculture industry that are used to prevent infection and disease. The company is located in Ålesund (Norway) and has one of the country`s most modern laboratories for Real-Time PCR analysis for detecting fish pathogens.

Share of ownership: 70% (Kverva owns 70% of Patogen Holding AS which in turn owns 100% of Patogen AS).


Vitux AS is an innovative technology supplier and contractor for the dietary supplements market. The company's patented technology can produce nutritional supplements and medicinal preparations in the form of chewable tablets.

Share of ownership: 37.4%