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  • Kverva Capital

    Kverva Capital is an active investor in established, listed Nordic companies with strong market positions and prospects. As a responsible and long-term investor, Kverva Capital exercise its ownership through dialogue with executive management teams. As a long-term investor, ESG and sustainability of business models is an integral part of our investment process and thus an important element in our analysis of companies.

    Our ambition is to generate long-term return through a concentrated portfolio of Nordic listed companies. Through fundamental analysis we identify companies that holds capabilities to capitalize on strong trends with strong business models, with a focus on long-term earnings potential.

    In addition, Kverva Capital manage a considerable portfolio of global equity investments across various sectors through focused global funds. The portfolio is liquid and represents a key tool in Kverva’s ongoing risk management activities. At the same time, the overall portfolio is an important source of liquidity for Kverva’s long-term industry commitments and potential new investment opportunities.

    Kverva Kapital manages a concentrated portfolio of Nordic public companies. Additionally, the company manages a portfolio of focused global equity funds.