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  • Our investment strategy

    We believe global population growth, economic development and intensified health focus are strong macro drivers for future demand for seafood and marine resources, which gradually will move global industrial-scale food production from land to sea.

    We leverage our experience and knowledge from developing marine and aquaculture businesses to support this necessary transition and capitalise on the vast long-term value-creation potential it represents.

    We are one of few investors world-wide dedicated to investing in sea-farming, fisheries and other segments of the rapidly expanding aquaculture and marine resources industries.

    Our business concept is:

    • To invest across the value chain in private and listed companies.
    • To base each investment decision on extensive knowledge and thorough research
    • To capitalise on the extensive global network within the aquaculture and marine resources industries
    • To pursue a long-term dynamic investment approach

    Kverva assumes an active role as a major shareholder and supports the development of the companies. The industrial holdings are organised under four platforms: Sea farming, Technology, Seafood and Marine Resources.

    Additionally, we hold a global portfolio of investments in listed companies in target industries, as well as a significant low-risk asset portfolio to support our long-term industrial engagements.

    An investment company
    Kverva is an investment company focusing on the marine sector. A fundamental understanding of the sector along with a strong belief in long term demand for seafood has enabled the company to successfully build value in this industry.